Conservative Care

It is our desire at Invictus Healthcare to provide exceptional and timely care promoting rapid recovery for each patient. Specialized technology and new developments are integrated by our multi specialty physicians into innovative patient treatments. These include spinal and neurosurgery, general orthopedics and sports medicine, hand surgery, and stem cell therapy.

It is our goal to make certain each patient receives prompt and personal care. Through both conservative care, as well as cutting edge surgical options, Invictus Healthcare physicians provide exemplary patient treatment resulting in faster recovery time, minimal stress, and a quick return to normal activities.

Innovative, Onsite Solutions

Invictus Healthcare facilities are truly state of the art. Our physicians and support staff are committed to the delivery of innovative healthcare solutions from pediatric to geriatric patients. The latest technology in MRI, digital x-ray, stem cell therapy, pain management and electronic medical records enable us to offer a full range of patient services

Process and Procedures

Invictus Healthcare’s approach to optimum restorative health care imposes the least possible stress and trauma to each patient while achieving the most advantageous and rapid recovery available. Our fundamental procedures require accurate diagnosis and a progressive process of multidisciplinary treatments. The goal is a minimal physical impact to the patient with a swift, healthy return to life’s activities.

The Process

A detailed description of the symptoms is the first step toward diagnosis and treatment. Invictus Healthcare is then committed to non-invasive approaches and minimally invasive surgical procedures, with the goal of limited down time and rapid recovery. The Invictus Healthcare process requires a diagnosis of the severity of the condition, the patient’s fundamental health, and medical history.

The Procedure

Our approach incorporates a multidisciplinary and holistic process in your recovery management and treatment. It is Invictus Healthcare’s goal to assure the patient’s highest possible level of functionality and independence while incurring minimal stress and trauma.

Non-Invasive treatment includes injections, and stem cell injection therapy which is provided into the body’s damaged or injured area. Advances in the design of surgical equipment has enabled Invictus Healthcare’s surgeons to also use minimally invasive surgery. Through a small incision, and using a compact optical device the size of a pencil, an image from within the joint is sent to a monitor in the operating room allowing the physician to address the issues. Invictus Healthcare focuses on limited down time, rapid recovery, ensuring long-term athletic health.

It is our vision to deliver timely, innovative care and treatment